Affiliate Marketing

The past 13 years we have spent working in every aspect of performance marketing - we love it and are striving every day to learn more and become better marketers. We take a very hands on approach to managing an affiliate program. For us it starts by understanding your goals and creating a plan that compliments them. Your affiliate program should be an outward extension of your marketing plan; and spread your brand reach through publishers who are passionate about your company. 

We work with merchants who have an existing affiliate program, but wish to see it grow and increase in revenue. We also work with merchants who wish to develop a new affiliate program and need guidance getting started. We have worked with over a hundred companies helping them achieve their affiliate goals.

If you have an affiliate program and would like to see what it would look like running at maximum strength please contact us for a free Program Audit. There is a strong chance you're not reaching the best affiliates for your brand that have the ability to really push the needle. 

If you would like to see what an affiliate program could do for your company please reach out for a free strategy guide and customized plan.

Pay Per Click

PPC is one of the most established and best performing channels of online marketing. Tactical Management has partnered with specialists who have managed campaigns inside your industry with budgets of millions per month. Our partners often experience a $15 to $1 return on their PPC investments.

Social media management

One of the purest forms of marketing this decade is social media. In a digital world everyone can be a possible brand advocate (or complainer). Our team works with social influencers and thought leaders to help craft a message consistent with you brand image. Social Media is a measurable and easy to optimize channel that should align with your current marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization

While there are plenty of 'Search Optimized' affiliate partners we work with; some brands prefer to handle all aspects of their SEO outside the affiliate program. If your company wishes to perform SEO with more in-house control we have partnered with several agencies that understand your industry - and competition. Tactical Marketing can create an SEO strategy guide for your brand and help monitor the progress you're making climbing the search rankings.