Tactical marketing / Creating a plan and seeing it beyond the end

Over the past decade online marketing agencies have flooded retailers with plan and strategies. We whole hearted believe than any successful campaign takes planning, however executing on those plans is just as critical. Tactical Marketing was created to service a niche of retailers who need both strategy and execution. We aim beyond the target and don't count a campaign complete until one foot is past the finish live.  

Come visit us at the Newman Innovation Center in downtown Joplin, Missouri. 

Come visit us at the Newman Innovation Center in downtown Joplin, Missouri. 

History of Tactical Marketing 

Tactical Marketing was created by Greg Powell, an online marketing veteran of 13 years who has a passion for seeing companies go beyond their goals. In early 2013 we recognized there was an absolute void for agencies that serviced the outdoor/preparedness/self-reliance market. There was a thriving businesses community and passionate customer base that were not being marketed to completely. This was being caused by a lack of understanding of those companies and their audience. Tactical Marketing was created to service this industry with cutting edge marketing solutions that reach customers in each area they go to for information and purchase decisions. 

WHat we are here for

Tactical Marketing exists to service an industry often overlooked and misunderstood by a majority of agencies. We are ingrained in the outdoor/preparedness/firearms market and have a passion for retailers that provide excellent products to those customers. We are constantly learning new technologies and testing marketing practices to stay ahead of the curve. We exist to provide exceptional service to the companies we work with. Embracing transparency, honesty and ethics are at the heart of how we do business. Our ultimate goal if to be an extension of your marketing team and help you achieve the goals you have set for your business. 

Ethics and Transparency

There are things more important to us than just business and sales. We want our clients to know at all times they can trust we are representing their business as we would our own; understanding the reasons they work hard each day.

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