Have an Affiliate Program that you would like to see performing better? We can perform a comprehensive audit and help you identify ways that your program can be generating more revenue and better customer values. 

Tactical Marketing is centered on the core mission of providing merchants the most cost effective and highest ROI generating affiliate programs available . For select retailers we offer a Free Program Audit to help uncover missed growth opportunities and efficiencies that could boost affiliate revenue. For ever a decade our team has helped companies revamp and re-launch their affiliate program to achieve the goals they had set when venturing into performance marketing. Utilizing the suggestions made from TMCO. audits many merchants have saved 30% or more in costs, while boosting revenues and achieving higher incremental growth.

Our strategy team will review all aspects of your program, including your offers and promotions, creative materials, terms and affiliate diversity.  The Program Audit will uncover several key indicators including:

  • Publisher type and dependency on Coupon/Cash Back sites
  • Content and Social Influencer affiliate base
  • Missing technology and industry best practices
  • Effective promotional calendar and affiliate engagement
  • Fraud and Trademark bidding practices
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