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Here's whats a years worth of data from several leading subscription box companies has shown us.  

The key to success is placing your brand where there is ALREADY traffic, as opposed to trying to drive traffic directly to your site. Sound simple? It's a paradigm shift in online marketing from just several years ago. We've watched (and managed) several subscription companies and found the ones that place their brands onto loaded traffic sources (like affiliate websites) always outperform those who try and drive their own traffic spend. 

How does an affiliate program help me achieve this?

Affiliates already have existing traffic and the ability to immediately drive sales to your site - on a commission basis. You do not pay for leads or impressions, only for real sales your affiliates refer to you. Given your offer fits their audience, and the correct marketing tools are in place, you can start to generate sales right away. A successfully run affiliate program repeats this process month after month, finding new sources of traffic and introducing your box to an audience already interested in buying

more revenue, influencers and authenticity

More than anything, an affiliate program is a new revenue source for your brand. The reason why affiliates drive so much volume for subscription businesses is their message is seen as authentic and genuine. Affiliate Marketing is the modern day equivalent of word-of-mouth advertising. When a prospective customer sees your box reviewed by their favorite blogger or YouTube channel they take their recommendation seriously. You can harness the power of influencer marketing to drive more sales and loyalty to your box than any other marketing channel provides. 

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Tactical Marketing Company understands affiliate marketing better than anyone else! They are able to leverage their existing affiliate relationships while constantly creating new relationships to maximize sales!
— John Roman, CMO, BattlBox.com
TacticalMarketing Client: BattlBox.com

TacticalMarketing Client: BattlBox.com


Affiliate Marketing is one of the most vital marketing channels that an online retailer needs. Affiliates are the modern day equivalent of the purest form of marketing - word of mouth. Affiliates have influence and direct billions of dollars that are spent online each year. Affiliates are paid on a performance basis, providing one of the lowest risk forms of advertising available. Online stores of all sizes are utilizing affiliate marketing to reach wider audiences, increase brand exposure and boost new customer acquisitions. 

We’ve had a positive experience working with Tactical Marketing Co as an affiliate marketer. They’re responsive and communicative, and have helped us grow the presence of several men’s tactical and outdoors boxes on our site.
— Lacey Volk, MySubscriptionAddiction.com


It's hard to know where to find new customers, and when you do uncover a new audience it's often every expensive. One metric we focus on above anything else is the Acquisition Cost of a new customer. We want the affiliate program to produce the lowest cost, highest quality new-to-file customers available. Affiliates are brand advocates, and they are tapped into the audiences that your brand needs exposure to. Affiliates 'pre-sell' your products and value and send warm traffic with the intent to buy to your site. 

TacticalMarketing Client: Spartan Carton

TacticalMarketing Client: Spartan Carton

TacticalMarketing Client: CarnivoreClub

TacticalMarketing Client: CarnivoreClub


There is a massive amount of companies vying for your customers. Subscription shopping is ultra competitive and it's difficult to stand out from the crowd. Our 14 years experience in the affiliate business has helped us develop relationships with affiliates who have influence and authority. Simple put, we can get your box in front of potential buyers on a daily basis by working with the leading subscription affiliates. If you need targeted traffic, and reviews that showcase your brand to thousands of potential buyers; an affiliate program is what you need.